LIMITED OFFER: Box Set – Issues 1 & 2


This is a limited edition, special offer and perfect for the avid traveler who can’t wait to start taking trips again. You’ll get Fifty Grande issues 1 & 2 mailed to you in this cool custom box! Each issue is 128 pages and jam-packed with travel features, tips, interviews, city guides, outdoors adventures, essays and more. All packaged in a fun and upbeat design that is unlike all other travel magazines.




[theme: Hometowns]

How do you begin a fresh look at the United States in 2020? For us, it was important to start with some basic reasons why the country is worth exploration. Which is why the debut issue looks at the country through the lens of hometowns. To get there, we tapped an immensely talented group of writers, photographers, and creators who’ve helped us re-see well-known places, uncover little-known adventures, and to discover anew.


[theme: Underrated]

Simply put, the term underrated suggests an assessment that’s gone awry along the way and a reconsideration is not only fair, but needed. What you’ll find in our second issue are the passionate cases for Fifty Grande-stamped underrated places and ideas that are worthy of a second look, and loads of travel inspiration for 2021 and beyond.