Fifty Grande Bundle [Special Offer]




Here’s a limited-time offer to get the first three Fifty Grande issues at a bargain price — 27 DOLLARS. That’s 5 dollars off all three issues. It’s everything you love about travel and seeing the country jammed into three fun, insightful and inspiring issues. Here’s what you’ll receive:


How do you begin a fresh look at the United States? For us, it was important to start with some basic reasons why the country is worth exploration. Which is why the debut issue looks at the country through the lens of hometowns. To get there, we tapped an immensely talented group of writers, photographers, and creators who’ve helped us re-see well-known places, uncover little-known adventures, and to discover anew. It’s all right here in issue #1: 128 pages of jam-packed travel features, tips, interviews, city guides, outdoors adventures, historical features, essays and more. All packaged in a fun and upbeat design that is unlike all other travel magazines.


In our first Underrated issue, we share the cities, states, parks and ideas that we think are worthy of more attention. Some were chosen due to low yearly visits, like the gorgeous state of Alaska and the remote Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota. Others are cities that are in underrated regions (Midwest) and in a near-constant state of being undervalued, like St. Louis and Knoxville. Some spotlight offbeat ways to explore well-known places, like classic Los Angeles through a string of recent closings or foraging in Maine. There’s also an essay on the very underrated idea of exploring neighborhoods close to home with more reckless abandon, and much more. It’s action packed and you’ll find info and inspiration for your next trip and beyond. Give it a try.


The Road Trip issue offers everything you need to dream about, plan and guide an epic exploration of the country via the road. The classic road trip experiences that defined generations are just as relevant today as they ever were and we have you covered with eight quintessential treks worthy of your attention right now. If you’re looking for a different kind of route, we deep-dive on two American icons — Tennessee’s whiskey and Wisconsin’s cheese — guide your through immersive trips. There’s also tons more: recommendations for classic summer and fall getaways, perfect places for weekend treks, and cool new hotels. Anything you need to get inspired and informed for your next road trip is here.


A mix of travel, food and music, Fifty Grande is a biannual magazine that explores the U.S. Our mission is to inspire more people to take advantage of all the incredible places and experiences across the country. Each issue explores the country through one theme which we bring to life through in-depth articles, essays, oral histories, roundtables, Q&As, photo essays, travelogues and more. And since food and music are integral to traveling, and community and good citizenship are important to how we view the world, we use all four as cornerstones to our coverage.