All Day I Dream 2023

All Day I Dream 2023

JUNE 04, 2023
, NY


A dream-themed music festival where gentle melodies and efflorescent beats carry you on a floating pastel cloud.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect place to recall, summon and express your dreams, the All Day I Dream Festival could be just it. 

All Day I Dream started on a rooftop in Brooklyn in 2011 and has since expanded to several different cities and countries including New York, Los Angeles, Moscow and Berlin. Festival founder Lee Burridge seeks to bring together groups of like minded partiers, or “dreamers,” as he calls them, and a unique array of artists that create a “technicolor emotionalism” to tickle the minds of the dreamers. 

The lineup hasn’t been announced yet, but previous years featured Swedish neo-soul band Little Dragon, who have been commanding stages with their signature soul and electronic fusion tunes since 1996. Australian singer-songwriter RY X also played, who makes somber melodies that envelop you like a warm blanket, along with the All Day I Dream family — a collection of house, techno and acoustic artists with hypnotic sounds. Among them are Flowers in Germany, the whimsical house duo coming all the way from Germany’s Black Forest, and Lost Desert, a French cold wave band from the late 80s. 

All Day I Dream showcases visual art experiences, including HoloRealmz, a cocoon-like art installation that simulates the feeling of Alice falling down the rabbit hole, and the “Dream Portal,” a door that projects dreamscapes, past memories and abstractions.

The Specs 

  • The Brooklyn Mirage can accommodate up to 8,000 people.
  • Tickets are priced as follows: tier one goes for $50, tier two goes for $60, and last call goes for $70.
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BY Ayla Burnett