Annual Winter Carefree Fine Art & Wine Festival

JANUARY 19-21, 2024


The Annual Winter Carefree Fine Art & Wine Festival brings everything from handcrafted wooden furniture to hand-thrown pottery and mixed media paintings to downtown Carefree, just outside of Phoenix.

Just outside of Phoenix, the Thunderbird Artists bring 165 talented creators to the charming downtown Carefree for the 31st Annual Winter Carefree Fine Art & Wine Festival. The artists make everything from handcrafted wooden furniture, fiber sculptures and woven art, to hand-thrown pottery, metallic jewelry, fused glass, 3-D stone sculptures, mixed media paintings and more. You can take in each thoughtful creation as you hop from one outdoor artist stall to the other, perusing the casually hung artifacts for sale. The work is varied and delightful, akin to a live source of joy and inspiration. John Hoyt,  the festival’s 2024 featured artist, creates art only out of deformed wood burls. Lacquered and restored wooden artifacts in merging shades of brown that look like emerging flower petals are his specialty. 

What pairs perfectly with artistic inspiration? Glasses of wine, which you will get at the festival along with sandwiches, Mexican and Greek cuisine, or perhaps some scrumptious fudge and kettle corn.

The Specs 

  • Approximately 2000 people attend the Annual Winter Carefree Fine Art & Wine Festival.
  • Tickets cost $5 and can only be purchased with cash. Wine tasting tickets costs $15 and come with a souvenir glass. 
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What is the closest airport to the Annual Winter Carefree Fine Art & Wine Festival?

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is 35 miles from the festival. 

Is this festival open to kids?

Yes, it’s a family-friendly festival.

What are the festival hours?

The event is open from 10:00 a.m/ to 5:00 p.m.





BY Arundhati Kumar