Conor Oberst performs. Photo via Shutterstock.

Best Friends Forever 2024

OCTOBER 11-13, 2024


Live out your emo adolescent daydreams at the inaugural year of Best Friends Forever Fest.

You’re definitely not alone if you spent some of your teen years in your bedroom, scrolling Tumblr and listening to sad indie rock. In fact, you post-hardcore midwestern depressives form such a core musical voting bloc, that a new festival is geared just for you: Best Friends Forever. It will be held at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, an outdoor venue in the heart of the city. Your favorite emo and indie bands from the 90s will perform across two stages for a weekend.

Alongside headliner Bright Eyes — an indie-rock band born out of singer Conor Oberst’s basement in Omaha, Nebraska in 1995 — several bands are reuniting. Sunny Day Real Estate, an indie-and-emo band from Seattle considered one of the most important of the genre, have broken up and reunited a handful of times, and will also be headlining. Cap’n Jazz broke up after releasing an album (whose lengthy title is often just shortened to “Shmap’n Shmazz”) in 1995 and Best Friends Forever is their first fest since 2017.  The Dismemberment Plan, an indie rock group formed in 1993 in Washington, D.C., also broke up and reunited several times since their start. They’ve been on hiatus since 2013, and this year are doing a series of performances to mark 25 years since their (grammatically dubious) album “Emergency & I.” Their last show will be at Best Friends Forever. These bands, alongside the other headlining groups, are the subjects of many internet forums where fans fight over which one was the “most important emo band” in music history.

If you’re nervous about attending a festival called Best Friends Forever all on your own, don’t be. Facebook groups of solo attendees have already formed. And what better way to meet like-minded former goths than by ringing in a new festival together? Stock up on merch from your favorite bands while you still can — you never know if, or when, any of these grungy guys will perform together again. Get ready to find people who you would’ve been best friends with in high school. But don’t have too much fun — moshing, according to the festival’s website, is strictly prohibited. 

The Specs

  • The Downtown Las Vegas Events Center can hold up to 11,000 people.
  • 3-Day GA tickets cost $219. GA Plus, which allows re-entry to the festival, is $269. Single-day passes range from $95 for GA to $125 for GA Plus, and jump up to $4,300 for a single-day Cabana ticket and $5,800 for single-day Premium Cabana tickets, which allow entry to a premium shaded lounge area, VIP viewing areas, and air-conditioned restrooms.
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What is the closest airport to Best Friends Forever Fest?

Las Vegas’s Harry Reid International Airport is less than 10 miles from the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. You might want to budget some extra time in the airport, which has over 1,200 slot machines.

Can I bring my kid(s)?

Yes––Best Friends Forever Fest allows guests of all ages, but all attendees, including infants, need their own ticket.

Where do I park?

There are several paid parking lots near the venue. The Downtown Las Vegas Events Center does have its own pre-paid parking lot that you can reserve here.

Is the venue accessible?

The venue does have ADA accommodations for the entrance, exit, and bathrooms; contact them with specific needs to ensure they can accommodate you.

Which artists are on the Best Friends Forever lineup?

Bright Eyes, Sunny Day Real Estate, Cap’n Jazz, The Jesus Lizard, Unwound, The Dismemberment Plan, Built to Spill, American Football, The Get Up Kids, Jawbox, Pinback, The Murder City Devils, Braid, Karate, Hot Rod Circuit, Rainer Maria, Piebald, Everyone Asked About You, The Anniversary, Algernon Cadwallader, Drug Church, Sweet Pill, From Indian Lakes, Pool Kids, Vs Self, Home is Where, Form of Rocket, Recover, Worlds Worst, Hello Mary, Bug Bath, Rocket, Phony and Boyfriend Sushi Town.


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BY Sara Luzuriaga