Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando

Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando 2023

NOVEMBER 10-12, 2023


Just mainstream enough to be one of biggest electronic music festivals in the country, but just weird enough to attract people who like to get blasted in the face with dubstep while covered in other people’s sweat.

Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando is one of the two massive EDC fests held in the states — this one’s in Florida, the other in Vegas. It’s basically an oversized EDM playground for the young at heart who like to get a little crazy. This music festival is known for unabashedly in-your-face electronic music, sweaty dance floors and party drugs. While it’s a super well-known and popular EDM event that emphasizes love and positivity in its marketing, we wouldn’t say it’s for the faint of heart. 

At Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando, otherwise known as EDC Orlando, the psychedelia of nature unites with a technological trip. Giant sculptures of owls and a woman who looks like she sprouted from a meadow of wildflowers is juxtaposed against backdrops of high-tech visual art and laser-filled skies. 

Though the 2023 lineup hasn’t been announced at the time of this writing, the music played at EDC Orlando leans heavily toward the technological trip side of the coin — it primarily boosts heavy electronic dance music with an emphasis on mainstream dubstep, jungle and riddim. While this year’s lineup isn’t announced yet, 2022 included Tiesto, Martin Garrix, John Summit, Ray Volpe, Dom Dolla, Acraze, Said the Sky and Zedd. Last year also saw big names in dubstep like 12th Planet and Alison Wonderland. Trap pioneer Troyboi also hit the stage in 2022, as did house favorites J. Worra and Justin Martin. 

One of the things that makes Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando special: the stages are over-the-top epic. The main stage, called KineticFIELD, is a giant wooden structure of an owl that looks like it’s summoning you into another realm and you’re a little nervous about it but you also can’t resist. The NeonGARDEN is a giant indoor dome-like structure that projects hazy red and purple lighting. And the steampunk-inspired Wide Awake Art Car is equipped with a Function One sound system, a mechanical owl, and multiple fire cannons. 

The Specs 

  • Over 300,000 people attended EDC 2021.
  • EDC Orlando 2023’s ticket options and prices are: General Admission Experience: $199.99; General Admission Experience Plus: $279.99 (expedited entry and better bathrooms); VIP: $399.99.
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Where is EDC Orlando held?

It’s held at Tinker Field which has been its home since EDC debuted in Orlando in 2011. Tinker Field has been the MLB spring training home of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Cincinnati Reds, Washington Senators, and Minnesota Twins.

How far is Tinker Field from the airport?

The venue is 14 miles from Orlando International Airport.

Who runs EDC Orlando?

Insomniac, an American electronic music event promoter, is EDC Orlando’s organizer. Insomniac (which was formerly Insomniac Events) was founded by Pasquale Rotella.

What are the other Electronic Daisy Carnival festivals? 

In 2023, there are currently three EDC festivals: the flagship one, which is EDC Las Vegas; EDC Orlando; EDC Mexico. EDC has been hosted in Los Angeles, Denver, Puerto Rico, Dallas, New York, Chicago, London, Brazil, India, Japan, Shanghai, Guangdong (China), and Korea.

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BY Ayla Burnett