Fellsmere Frog Leg Festival 2024

Fellsmere Frog Leg Festival 2024

JANUARY 18-21, 2024


The Fellsmere Frog Leg Festival delivers classic southern treats with a small town carnival charm.

An annual staple in Fellsmere, Fla. for the past 32 years, the Fellsmere Frog Leg Festival is a carnivalesque celebration of frog legs. Held at the old school house and little league park near the center of this town of less than 5,000 residents, the four-day festival puts forward some of the finest culinary delicacies the South has to offer.

If you are not from the area, this may sound weird, but trust us on this one, frog legs are delicious. Frog legs are usually fried in batter or grilled, and most people say they taste like a combination of fish and chicken. The flavor is reminiscent of chicken, but sweeter, and the texture is similar to that of fish. Which is to say, you should definitely try at least one frog leg dish. Maybe go for the frog-leg dinner which comes with grits, coleslaw and hushpuppies, all great palate cleansers for the nervous or unanointed. Gator is on the menu, too: another regional food item which really does just taste like chicken. 

While we think trying local foods is one of the most essential parts of travel, the festival organizers know not everyone can stomach the legs. In that case, their roster of Italian or Polish sausages, cheddar nuggets, fried okra, curly fries, deep-fried oreos and funnel cakes should do the trick. 

Beyond the food lines, there are many opportunities for you to leave the festival with a plush prize, whether you want to shoot some hoops or pop balloons. Rides include some classics, such as those that plummet to a near death apparati and, on the friendlier side,  merry go rounds. You’ll want to cap the evening off with a nice stroll down to see vendors selling anything from custom print shirts to artisanal pickles.  

The Specs 

  • 80,000 frog leg lovers attend the festival each year.
  • Fellsmere Frog Leg Festival is free admission and parking is free as well.
  • Ticket and armband prices for food and rides are as follows:
    • 1 ticket is $1.25 USD
    • 18 ticket bundle costs $20
    • All You Can Ride Pass: Thursday and Sunday is $20
      • Armband for unlimited rides on Thursday night, January 18 and Sunday, January 21.
    • All You Can Ride Pass: Friday and Saturday is $25
      • Purchase an armband for unlimited rides on Friday night, January 19 and Saturday, January 20.
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What is the closest airport to Annual Fellsmere Frog Leg Festival?

Those frog legs are just 30 miles away from the Melbourne Orlando International Airport. 

How far is Indian River from Fellsmere?

Indian River is 40 miles away.

How far is Fort Pierce from Fellsmere?

Fort Pierce is 32 miles away.

How far is Vero Beach from Fellsmere?

Vero Beach is just 20 miles away.

Where is the festival held exactly?

The festival is held at the Old School Complex on the corner of CR 512 and Broadway Street in Fellsmere, Florida. The address is 22 S Orange St, Fellsmere, FL 32948, USA

It’s my first time attending. What can I expect?

Well, obviously, fried frog legs, but also gator tails, arts and crafts, food trucks, local live music and fun rides will be available. There will also be many booths selling unique gifts. The fest also has a drive-thru available for those who just want to pick up a frog leg and gator tail dinners.

Where is the drive-thru exactly?

The drive-thru is located at 21 S Cypress Street and it’s cash only.

I’m not sure I understand this festival. Is it a seafood festival? A music festival?

No and no. If you asked someone from Fellsmere they’d likely say it’s a local favorite and it’s exactly as billed: a frog leg event where you can pick up what the fest calls its “famous mouth-watering frog legs.”

Frog legs are eaten regularly in the Deep South and Gulf states, like South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. But, it’s also a frog leg event with carnival rides and exhibitors selling unique gifts. And in case you want to attend but don’t want to eat frog legs, vendors will also be serving more traditional American fair food like burgers, hot dogs and pizza.

Which artists are on the Frog Leg Festival lineup?

Johnny Debt, Matt Rosman, Jason Wright, Chemistry, and Hired Guns.


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BY Lucas Martínez