New York, NY - September 24, 2022: Angelique Kidjo performs at Global Citizen Festival NYC in Central Park

Global Citizen Festival 2024

SEPTEMBER 28, 2024


The Global Citizen Festival runs on a simple system: do good and be rewarded with tickets to see top stars perform in New York City.

The Global Citizen Festival runs on a simple system: do good and be rewarded with tickets to see top stars perform in New York City. For every “action” you take — like signing pledges or tweeting calls for governments to increase aid for poverty or reaffirm their commitment to fighting climate change — you are entered into a lottery to win a ticket to the festival. The more actions you take, the better your chances of getting a ticket. Global Citizen is always a festival of A-listers, and, for many, the opportunity to see any of these acts at no monetary cost is hard to pass up. Last year, the lineup included Red Hot Chili Peppers, BTS member Jung Kook and the K-pop group Stray Kids. If you want VIP tickets though, you’ll have to buy those the regular cash way.  

At the time of this writing, we don’t know who’s coming to this year’s festival, held again on a single stage at the Great Lawn in Central Park. We do know that you’ll also get to listen to stars of other industries, from actors to activists. A number of “Global Citizen Ambassadors” take the stage to urge action around issues they feel strongly about. Past speakers include Bill Nye, Danai Gurira and Nomzamo Mbatha. There are also members of governmental organizations who make appearances — two from last year are the State Secretary for Indigenous People Puyr Tembé and the Deputy Secretary-General of the U.N.   

But a festival whose call to action is “Join the global movement ending poverty” is bound to receive scrutiny. The festival has reported a positive impact, but some experts believe it generates “feel good” actions from its audience rather than something that affects tangible change. Moreover, The Nation writes that the festival “risks providing cover for politicians and companies rather than holding them accountable.” For example, Citi, the key partner for Global Citizen, is also one of the largest financiers of fossil fuels.  Still, by giving the stage for speeches as well as the music, Global Citizen collapses some of the distance between pop culture and politics. 

The Specs

  • 60,000 people attend.
  • General Admission tickets are free, issued by a lottery system as you take various actions. Global VIP tickets start at $325 and Premium VIP tickets start at $499.
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What is the closest airport to the festival?

LaGuardia Airport is 10 minutes away.

John F. Kennedy International Airport is 30 minutes away. 

Newark Liberty International Airport is 1 hour away.

Is the festival ADA-accessible? 

Yes. There are ADA entrances, as well as other accommodations and designated seating areas available via application, though they reached capacity for these last year. 

Which artists are on the Global Citizen 2024 lineup?

The lineup has not been released yet. 


BY Suchita Chadha