Infrasound Music Festival

Infrasound Music Festival 2024

JUNE 06-09, 2024


It’s not just lasers and trees at this psychedelic EDM festival: get the grills going next to some b2b sets and rage next to a live mural painting on a DJ booth.

For the EDM rookie, festivals and raves might just seem like a giant party. That’s not a lie, but Minnesota’s Infrasound Music Festival goes beyond the lights and booming drum and bass for an experience that’ll get all your senses raging, without the feeling of being overloaded.      

Of course, music is definitely a priority. The three stages — Harmonic, Portal and Pyramid — are set in a 40-acre, oak-filled venue and outfitted with top-tier Funktion-One, Element 5 and Void sound systems, respectively. But each stage is also unique in construction, fitting into the forest in a chaos-meets-calm kind of way. While the Harmonic and Portal stages have domed roofs that bounce around multi-colored lasers before sending them into the sky and trees, on the Pyramid Stage, you can expect a visual treat of a different medium. A simple pyramid-shaped DJ booth is placed on the ground with the audience, and the stage’s blank outer walls become a canvas for artist Aaron Brooks to create live mural paintings along with the music.   

There’s a set to get your noses and taste buds activated, too. kLL sMth, the stage name for producer Kristoffer Edland, returns to the bass music festival with his gRLL sMTH set, fast becoming a tradition at the festival. It’s a collaborative performance with kLL sMTH firing up the barbecue grill, feeding the watching fans while other producers jump in for an open-format b2b set. He’s done this set elsewhere too, but at Infrasound, you can set up your own BBQ stations as well.. EDM festivals are usually about community, but something about grilling it out with other artists and attendees gives an almost family-like quality to the gathering. 

True to character, the full lineup hasn’t dropped yet and, if previous years are any indication,  festival organizers probably won’t reveal the whole list until just weeks ahead of the event. Here’s what we know so far: British producers Joker and J.Kenzo will each play two sets, the former of whom is known for highly textured and colorful tracks while the latter takes on a deeper, more minimalist approach to dubstep. Though they haven’t announced it yet, the trio making up Ternion Sound are likely to join as well. Born out of an unexpected B2B set during the 2016 Infrasound Festival, they’ve become a regular occurrence on the lineup. In the fall, the festival returns to the forests for Infrasound Equinox, with all the same vibes but smaller and accompanied by the autumn foliage.

The Specs

  • The venue capacity is 5,000.
  • Weekend passes are still available though the camping add-on is sold out.
  • Minneapolis is about 1.5 hours away, so check out Fifty Grande’s guide to the city here.


Where is the Infrasound festival 2024 located?

Harmony Park Music Garden in Clarks Grove, Minnesota.

What’s the exact address?

79503 298th St, Clarks Grove, Minnesota.

What is the closest airport to the Infrasound Music Festival?

Rochester International Airport is about 60 miles away. 

How far is it from Clarks Grove, Minnesota to Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

330 miles.

Is this electronic music festival family-friendly?

It’s 18+ only. 

When is the Eqx festival this year?

September 19-23, 2024.

Who are the headliners at this year’s fest?

UK dubstep artist Joker will headline the Midwest’s Infrasound Festival at Harmony Park Music Garden in Clarks Grove.

Are American Grime, Hamdi or Potion performing this year?

They are not on the 2024 lineup as of May 20, though they all performed in 2023.

Which artists are on the 2024 Infrasound Music Festival lineup?

Artists on this year’s lineup include Joker, Eprom, Ternion Sound, J.Kenzo, kLL sMTH, Critical Soundsystem (Kasra B2B Enei), Pheel, Schlump, Nik P, Seppa, Yoko, Bukez Finezt, Chief Kaya, Causa, Entangled Mind, Mary Droppinz, Two Swords (FKA Hyroglifics), Ott, Sir Spyro, Sister Nancy and more.


Infrasound Music Festival 2024
Infrasound Music Festival 2024


BY Suchita Chadha