Lucidity Festival 2023

Lucidity Festival 2023

APRIL 07-09, 2023


Santa Barbara's premier open-source art and music festival.

Modern society experienced a seismic shift when social media ravaged our screens, ushering in a golden age of individualism. Today, it’s almost a crime to force people into a box. And that’s the unofficial mission statement of the Lucidity Festival, an open-source art and music extravaganza that blurs the boundaries between reality and fantasy. It’s the ultimate acid trip.

This festival understands its limits or lack thereof and holds nothing back. Music is on the back burner even though the festival has four stages where artists such as Opiuo, Ivy Lab, Mr. Carmack, and The Motet will play. There are over 100 artists performing across several genres that include house, drum and bass, techno, and blues.

Rather, experiencing a personal or collective transformation is a high priority, with the website stating that “each year presents another chapter of a larger mythic journey.” For Lucidity Festival’s tenth anniversary, there are workshops galore that range from ancestral arts, wellness, lucid dreaming, food and nutrition, and even conscious culture, all taught by over 60 teachers

It would take a whole page to list the type of installations happening at this festival, so I’ll highlight a couple. For those avid shroom users, Pyrobar, the Love Machine is your best friend. This installation is a peak fantasy of an industrial dragon disguised as a station wagon. The festival explains that the love machine “provides exceptional service to mankind in the form of sensory experiences.” On the interactive side, Quan Yin Tea House creates a communal space for tea lovers looking to share a few moments with a friend, old or new. If you want to carry all that love and connection into the night, Lucidity Festival has a campsite dedicated to stargazing.

The Specs

  • Live Oak Camp can accommodate 2,000 non-campers and 15,00 campers.
  • Single-day and three-day passes are available at General Admission and Senior Citizen pricing. Single-day General Admission passes start at $122.
  • Check out Santa Barabara, one of the most romantic cities in the country.


Is there space to camp on the festival grounds? There is limited space to camp, but the festival encourages all participants to bring camping gear in the event that they find space to do so.

Is there a shuttle that can take me to/from the festival? The festival will offer shuttle rides to and from the festival throughout the entire event. The hours of shuttle include: Thursday (12 pm to 10 pm), Friday to Sunday (9am to Midnight), Monday (7am to 12pm)

BY Elgin Nelson