Metal and Beer Festival Philly 2023

APRIL 14-15, 2023


Decibel Magazine’s Metal and Beer Festival is two-days of screaming, moshing, craft beer and hardcore metal.

It’s loud, it’s wild, it’s in your face. Decibel Magazine’s two-day Metal and Beer Festival is THE destination for thrash metal, death metal and black metal fans who care to know the difference between an ale and a stout. This year, the Black Dahlia Murder, All Out War and Frozen Soul will take the stage, and — for the first time in six years — Gorguts will perform live. But, that’s not the only history that will be made throughout the weekend. In honor of the 40th anniversary of their debut album, Suicidal Tendencies will be perform a full album set along with more of their fans’ favorites, Incantation will celebrate the 25th anniversary of their album “Diabolical Conquest” by performing a full album set of their own, and Eyehategod will follow in suit, playing a full set of their album “Take as Needed for Pain.” 

The beer part of Metal and Beer Festival may be slightly overstated. There’s only about 10 craft breweries, certain high-ABV pours will be ticketed and tastings are limited to 650 tickets per-day. Anyone who gets in receives a souvenir Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest: Philly 2023 sampling cup. If you don’t want to participate in unlimited beer tasting, individual beers are still available to purchase.  

Those anxious to start thrashing can attend the pre-fest, which will take place on the Thursday before the festival at the Foundry.  Satan, Night Demon, Haunt and Sonja will perform. 

The Specs

  • The Fillmore Philadelphia has a capacity of 2,500.
  • One-day “Just Metal” tickets are $39.50.
  • One-day “Metal & Beer” tickets are $90.
  • Two-day “Just Metal” tickets are $75.
  • Two-day “Metal & Beer” tickets are $175. 
  • Pre-fest tickets are $22. 
  • Check out Fifty Grande’s guide to Philadelphia here.


  • Attendees will receive tickets to redeem for tastings.

BY Emily Brower