Mile High 420 Festival 2023

Mile High 420 Festival 2023

APRIL 20, 2023


Tokers and smokers, rejoice. Blaze up at the Mile High 420 Festival in Denver this spring.

Hailed as the world’s largest 420 festival, join 50,000 fellow cannabis enthusiasts at Denver’s Civic Center Park in front of the State Capitol and City and County Building. Mile High 420’s history spans years of protest. Beginning as a peaceful rally to advocate for cannabis legalization, these smoke-ins grew in size and traction over the years. Now, over a decade after Colorado legalized cannabis use, the spirit of those rallies still resonates with Denverites and has manifested in this fan-favorite, annual celebration of cannabis.

Of course, there’s more to do at Mile High 420 than lighting up. The festival hosts a number of live music sets throughout the day, featuring celebrities and high-profile musicians. Although the 2023 lineup has yet to be announced, past musicians include Lil Jon, Lil Wayne, and Lil Flip — so perhaps expect another “Lil” to grace the Civic Center Park stage this year.

Nothing is quite as bad as munchies and a dry mouth — at Mile High 420, no need to worry about either. The festival is well equipped with food trucks, beverages, and vendors selling merchandise and smoking trinkets. And once late afternoon hits, get ready to cap off a day of DJ set jams and rolled joints with a collective 4:20 P.M. blaze.

Public cannabis use is technically banned in Denver, so if you choose to light up, stay within the festival grounds and use discretion. You must be 21 and up to enter the festival.

The Specs

  • 50,000 people attend
  • General admission tickets are free.
  • VIP tickets are available for $175, and include private festival entrance, specialty stage viewing, and access to a private cocktail bar.
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BY Riya Misra