Moab Music Festival 2023

Moab Music Festival 2023

JUNE 13-17, 2023


Likely the only place in the world you can hear Mozart reverberate off pink and black precambrian rock formations at a venue only accessible by boat

Experience the weight of time both sonically and visually at Moab Music Festival, where some of the world’s oldest classical, jazz and traditional music is performed amidst the ancient landscapes of the Utah desert. The festival takes place over the course of a month, and you can choose from a variety of different eclectic music experiences that unify Moab’s adventurous outdoor culture with a deep appreciation for music. 

More risk-taking music lovers can experience the thrill of the Colorado River with brief, soothing interludes of classical music on a three day, two night raft trip through westwater canyon where you can conquer the notoriously difficult Skull Rapid. The boat will stop along the way for music performances by violinist Simone Porter and cellist Jay Campbell coupled with meals cooked by river guides. 

Moab Music Festival perfectly highlights how music and nature are meant for each other, and there’s no better venue to experience this symbiosis than the Colorado River Wilderness Grotto — a natural amphitheater carved out of red rocks and described by musicians as being “perfect acoustically.” The venue can only be accessed by a 45-minute boat ride down the Colorado River. On August 31, world class musicians will perform five Bach compositions and on September 7, you can hear namesake masterpieces by Mozart, Debussy, Mahms and Messiaen. 

The Specs

  • Around 1400 people usually attend Moab Music Festival. 
  • Ticket prices vary based on the event attended: Westwater Canyon Music Raft Trip, August 20-23: $2,200; The Grotto I: Bach in the Grotto, August 31: $425; The Grotto II: Winds on the Colorado River, September 7: $425; The Grotto III: German Masterpieces: September 11: $425; San Juan River Music Raft Trip, September 12-15: $1900.
  • Salt Lake City is only a few hours away, for those who want to keep exploring.

BY Ayla Burnett