Mount Snow Winter Brewers’ Festival 2023

APRIL 01, 2023


Mount Snow’s Winter Brewers Festival marries skiing, music and Vermont's beloved brewery culture.

Yes, a nor’easter can be brutal, but each fresh blanket of snow makes the skiing better and the beer taste crisper. Cue the Mount Snow Winter Brewers’ Festival. It marries skiing, music and Vermont’s beloved brewery culture to turn even a heavy snowstorm into good time. Turns out adults can have snow days, too.

Mount Snow’s ski season extends well into spring — yes, that includes April, when this festival takes place — and the Mount Snow’s Winter Brewers’ Festival brings together the classic mountain combo: snow lovers and breweries. Although the festival has not yet released the breweries attending this year, some of the ones that have attended in previous years include the famous White Claw and Sam Adams. Other breweries like Catamount Brewing Company are more local to Vermont. The music lineup is also yet to be released, but will include a mix of live bands and DJs, all of which are likely to be local, too.

The Specs: 

  • Each ticket costs $24 and attendees under 21 (or your DD) must pay a $5 entry fee 
  • Extra drinks can be purchased in advance in a pack of 5 for $30 
  • Entry to this event will run from 12 PM to 4 PM, with the last pour at 4:30 PM 
  • Staying an extra few days? Check out FiftyGrande’s picks of things to do in Vermont.


What does the ticket include? Adult 21+ ticket includes admission, a souvenir shot glass, and two drink tickets.  

Is there an age limit? This festival is open for all ages. But in order for you to drink you must be 21+

What’s the best time to arrive? Since this is an open event, feel free to arrive whenever you want between the hours of opening. 

What should I bring? No reason to bring anything other than yourself and your ticket – and your designated driver. 

What can I not bring? All ticketed events are pet free, so leave your darling poodle Charles the Third at home

BY Monica Manmadkar