Country recording artist Randy Houser performs during Luke Bryan's 'Kick The Dust Up' Tour at Vanderbilt Stadium on July 11, 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee. Photo via Shutterstock.

Night in the Country Nevada 2024

JULY 25-27, 2024


Find a slice of Nashville in Nevada at this three-day, boozed up desert rodeo.

Some would say you couldn’t throw a bull-riding, mud-volleyball-playing, beer-funneling party in the middle of the desert; Night in the Country Nevada would say otherwise. Now advertised as the “country version of Burning Man,” NitC originally started as a fundraising event for the local Boys & Girls Clubs in 2002. Thanks to ticket sales and community contributions, the youth of Yerington, Nevada can now spend time at the Clubs for homework help and learning about “the importance of drug and alcohol prevention.” That message might suit concertgoers, too, but if the festival’s official recap videos are any indication, there’s not a lot of time between shotgunning Coors Lights.

Across 160 acres of one of those wide open spaces that the Chicks insisted on needing, you’ll catch headliners Randy Houser, Riley Green, Bailey Zimmerman and Neal McCoy strutting on four stages. Expect bluegrassy banjo plucking and the tight snares of classic rock during the rest of the three-day lineup which mixes newcomers like Ella Langely and established honky-tonkers like Neal McCoy. After dark, take that hard-earned farmer’s tan to the Full Moon Saloon, which hosts the nighttime afterparty with more live performances until 3 a.m.. Back at the campgrounds, there’s a competition between campsites for who best fits the annual theme — this year’s theme being “1864,” the year Nevada became the 36th state. Rise and grind each morning with extreme bull riding, morning yoga or run an obstacle course at the beer relay. If you need a little wind-down time, find someone who snagged one of the pool fill add-ons before they sold out. That’s exactly as it sounds: you bring your own above-ground swimming pool and NitC supplies the water. Don’t worry, you can still stay cool without the pool by shotgunning just one more Coors Light.

Though Night in the Country used to be at the Lyon County Fairgrounds, they will make the move to the nearby Grange in 2024. 

The Specs

  • 30,000 expected to attend throughout the weekend
  • GA weekend passes are on sale for $175 and must be purchased separately from campsite passes
  • Check out Fifty Grande’s Nevada guide for recs across the state


What is the closest airport to Night in the Country Nevada?

Fly into Reno International Airport (RNO) and head about 75 miles southeast to Yerington.

Where’s the venue?

On the official site, there is no address listed. Instead, they show a Google Earth screenshot of farmland east of town and a giant red arrow pointing to the middle of a field.

Can I camp?

Camping passes are going fast but some are still available. Check out the official site for details.

Can I bring kids?

Children under 7 don’t need a ticket for entry, though anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian.

What if I don’t like Coors Light?

No comment.

Which artists will I see at Night in the Country Nevada?

Randy Houser, Riley Green, Bailey Zimmerman, Neal McCoy, Colin Stough, Huckleberry Road, Carson Chandler, Caleb Montgomery, DJ Teddy P, Chase Rice, Erin Kinsey, Travis Denning, Mr. Wired Up, Madeiros Drive, Rick Hays, Donovan Bryant, Corey Kent, Ned Ledoux, Ella Langely, Clayton Mullen, Austin Michael, Jakota Wass, Patrice, Kirk Basquez Band, Country Mile and Rebel Riders.


Nevada - Night in the Country Music Festival


BY Olivia Winters