Savannah Music Festival

Savannah Music Festival 2023

MARCH 23, 2023 - APRIL 08, 2023


In two and a half weeks of musical performances, Savannah Music Festival expertly captures the cultural and artistic diversity of Savannah.

The annual springtime Savannah Music Festival is one of Savannah’s most popular musical events. With 500 artists and up to 100 productions, ranging from country music to crooning blues to live jazz, there is more than enough to fill the festival’s longer-than-average runtime. For three decades, Savannah’s Music Festival lineup has been noted for multi-genre scope, and this year is no exception. Between blues legend Buddy Guy, classical concerts from the Zurich Chamber Orchestra, and Zydeco, Latin, and Cajun dance parties, it’s easy to understand why The Atlanta Journal-Constitution deemed the festival “one of the Southeast’s most creative cross-cultural musical events.”

Although Savannah Music Festival’s budget is nearly $4 million, a large chunk of revenue from the festival is donated back into the community. In fact, the festival is a registered nonprofit and supports arts education across Savannah with a host of both local and national outreach programs for young musicians.

The Specs

  • 30,000 people attend
  • Tickets are sold per performance. Some have VIP admission, while others have universal general admission.
  • Check out the festival lineup and ticket pricing here.
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BY Riya Misra