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SD Brewers Guild Fest 2024

FEBRUARY 04, 2024


This guild of brewers from the “capital of craft beer” gather to connect, take stock, and celebrate decades in the business.

Called home by many of the most pivotal breweries in America’s craft beer scene, like Stone Brewing and Modern Times, San Diego has long been at the forefront of the industry. The San Diego Brewers Guild has helped to make that possible, and the group is celebrating with the SD Brewers Guild Fest, to be held in a new location this year. Come February, the guild will host its festival for the first time in Crafted Culture, a new semi-outdoors American-fare restaurant, north of San Diego. The venue has a beautiful brass atrium, cozy lighting and long wooden tables perfect for gathering a group together and chatting up a storm over a round or two. 

Thirty breweries from the area will participate, pairing samples with Crafted Culture’s curated food. As usual, there’s no shortage of styles, including sours, lagers and stouts. But this fest offers the unique opportunity to try some of the OG West-Coast IPAs from the brewers who helped make the style famous. While the guild fest is the smaller, more industry-focused event among the SD Guild’s slate of annual gatherings — including the SD Beer Weekend and SD Craft Beer Con — it’s open to all, beer-insider or not. For the lover of old school IPAs, it’s a match made in heaven: drink your favorite bitter bomb at its freshest and get to meet the people who make it. 

The festival is for those 21 and older. No children allowed. 

The Specs

  • 2,000 people attended in 2019.
  • $20 DD tickets will be available at the door. Other ticket prices have not yet been released at the time of this writing
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What is the closest airport to SD Brewers Guild Fest?

San Diego International Airport is the closest major airport. A few smaller, more regional airports are slightly closer to the festival, which is located north of San Diego. 

What if it actually rains in southern California?

San Diego Brewers Guild Fest will be held outside regardless of weather. 

Is the festival ADA accessible? 

No information is listed. But on-site parking is available for free. 

What is the bag policy?

No bag policy is listed.  


BY Sébastien Luc Butler