Skyline Festival 2023

Skyline Festival 2023

FEBRUARY 25-26, 2023


Marrying East Coast music and West Coast ambience, Skyline is perfect for Diplo enthusiasts and underground techno-heads alike.

Los Angeles’s second-ever Skyline Festival will be a two-day showcase of underground music and street art. Held also in Orlando, Skyline unites the techno-heavy music scene of Florida with the beating — albeit crowded — pulse of the City of Angels.

You can expect art installations such as glowing laser shows, life-size murals, and live graffiti painting, set to a hailstorm of techno beats and house riffs. Grab a sourdough pizza from one of the many food trucks and head to the dance floor for sets reminiscent of psychedelic trances — or psytrance, for short. Skyline markets itself as an underground music festival and true to its advertisement, hosts up-and-coming musicians and DJs such as Stella Bossi and Meduza. Listeners who tend to be more mainstream shouldn’t be turned off, though: the Skyline 2023 lineup still includes massive musical sensations like Diplo and Charlotte de Witte. 

The largest complaint about last year’s festival was crowd traffic and cramped space. 

To address those concerns, Skyline is expanding this year to Exposition Park, an outdoor venue to accommodate even more installations, sets, and stages than last year. Split up into two grassy lots, both newcomers and Skyline veterans can anticipate similarly passionate crowds and electric beats throughout the night. 

The Specs

  • General admission and VIP admission tickets are available for purchase for either one day or two days.
  • Two-day GA tickets go for $206. One-day tickets go for $120.
  • Two-day VIP tickets go for $310. One-day tickets go for $180. VIP perks include expedited entry, dedicated bathrooms and concierge, lockers, and reserved viewing areas.
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Is there an age requirement?

You must be 21 to enter, and have a valid form of ID to show.

What time should I show up?

Each day runs from 3pm to 11pm, and entry is allowed up to an hour before the end of the event. Ins and outs aren’t allowed, though — so make sure you bring everything you need before entering.

And what exactly do I need?

You can bring in cell phones, portable charges, and non-professional cameras. Skyline also happens rain or shine, so dress for the weather: sunglasses, raingear, fanny packs, water bottles, hats, and rain ponchos are all recommended for the unpredictable Los Angeles weather.

Can I camp out the night before?

No, camping is prohibited. You cannot bring tents into Skyline and cars parked during non-festival hours will be towed at your own expense.

BY Riya Misra