Wobbleland 2024

JANUARY 19-20, 2024


A festival all about that bass, no sunlight.

A staple of the Bay Area music festival scene, Wobbleland draws a crowd each year of several thousand headbangers like flies to a pulsing neon light. However, unlike those sprawling outdoor EDM festivals of the summer months, Wobbleland crams all those ravers and lasers into a dark room that acts as a canvas for the festival’s unique lighting effects. The festival consists of two stages in one venue, each hosting six to seven bands each day, providing ample opportunities for raving to your favorite DJ with no reminder of the outside world. 

The larger of the two stages is the main attraction: a large standing-room pit of EDM heads with a rounded balcony of fans watching from their seats above as a deep bass vibrates the room, giving Wobbleland the feel of a smaller concert with all the fun perks of a large festival. Every EDM festival likes to chest pound about its audiovisuals, but audiovisuals are what Wobbleland is known for. Each hall is decked out with smoke machines, lasers and over-the-top set pieces. One year, the traditional DJ booth was replaced with a colossal animatronic tiki head that took over the entire stage; the DJs, acting as the brains of the operation, performed from inside of it. 

This indoor winter rave has occurred in mid-January most years since 2011 and brings in favorites in the industry like dubstep pioneer Cookie Monsta, Brooklyn-based DJ Luca Lush, and many more. Among the mix of artists, dubstep reigns supreme, and you can expect the lineup to lean in the genre’s favor among the other sub-genres of bass music. 

The Specs

  • Up to 8,500 people are expected to attend Wobbleland in 2024, the festival has sold out weeks in advance in years past. 
  • 2-day tickets are currently $109 for general admission and $159 for VIP. 
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Where is the nearest airport?

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is the closest to the festival, located a short, 13 mile drive or 30-minute train ride away from the festival venue. 

Where’s the festival happening?

This year’s iteration will be housed at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.

How far is Denver from San Francisco?

It’s far. It’s 1,250 miles away.

I’m underage, am I still allowed to have fun?

Wobbleland is an 18+ only event, and you must have an ID proving you’re over 21 to drink.

Who is producing Wobbleland 2024?

Vital Events is putting on the fest in partnership with Bassrush and Another Planet Entertainment.

Who’s playing Wobbleland 2024?

No signs of a lineup yet, but we’ll update once its released.

Friday lineup is: Svdden Death. Adventure Club, Artix!, Infekt, Layz, Lil Texas, Ruvlo, Shiverz, Space Wizard, Vastive, Versa, Zeke Beats, Hamro and Jalaya.

Saturday lineup is: Black Tiger Sex Machine presents Portals, Kai Wachi, Abelation, Automhate, Cyclops, Emorfik, He$h, Point.Blank, RZRKT, Rankz and Secret Recipe.

Who was on the last Wobbleland lineup?

The lineup for the last Wobbleland (San Francisco addition) held in 2022 included Ghost Ryder, Kayzo, Nghtmre, Slushii, 12th Planet, Ablation, Blunts and Blondes, Calcium, Dirt Monkey, Gammer, HVDES, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Minnesota, One True God, Pigeon Hole, Point Blank, Riot Ten B2B Spag Heddy, Smoakland, Wavedash, Ace Aura, Arius, Champagne Drip, Jalaya, Jessica Audifred, John Beaver, Kumarion, Lil Texas, OG Nixin, Ravenscoon, Secret Recipe, Slang Dogs, Subdocta, Tsuruda, Volt Zia and Getter B2B Eptic.


BY Emily Frantz