WOODBURN, OREGON - CIRCA APRIL 2013. Wooden Shoe Annual Tulip festival.

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival 2024

MARCH 22, 2024 - MAY 05, 2024



For a day when you need to wake up and smell the flowers, the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival has dozens of them, plus a few wooden shoes to make you feel better about your modern life. For just over two months, a field in Woodburn, Oregon located 40 minutes from Portland embodies what American tourists usually know about Holland. There are tulips, windmills, and clogs, all without the price of international airfare. 

The tulip field, which will likely peak by mid-April, houses over 100 varieties of tulips in every color imaginable. You can walk through the fields or check out the tulip display beds to decide which ones you want to plant at home. In addition to big, artfully placed clogs out in the field that you can and should sit your small dog in, Wooden Shoe Gardens hosts everything from picnic lunches to weddings. A play area with duck races, horse swings and hay bales is included in admission, and bounce houses and carnival rides will be on site for any child underwhelmed by the natural beauty. 

Aside from the tulips, which are not recommended for human consumption, the festival sells food onsite. This year, vendors will provide donuts, breakfast sandwiches, burgers, BBQ, a Dutch market and more. 

The Specs

  • Around 150,000 attend annually.  
  • General admission tickets will go on sale in early-mid March, prices will be available when tickets are released. Season passes are now on sale through February 19 for $55. Children under 12 do not need a ticket to enter the festival. 
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Where does the festival take place?

The festival is held in Woodburn, Oregon at 33814 S. Meridian Road. 

Where is the nearest airport?

It’s easiest to access the festival grounds by car, less than an hour’s drive from Portland International Airport (PDX). 

Is there parking?

Yes. Parking is available and included in the price of admission. Driving is recommended, as there is no reliable public transportation nearby. 

When’s the best time of year to visit?

Mid-April is the most reliable time of year to see tulips in full bloom. 

Can I bring my dog? He loves flowers.

“Friendly” dogs are welcome. We’ll let you decide if that means your dog.



BY Emily Frantz