The Food Issue (#4)




Welcome to Fifty Grande #4, The Food Issue. Diet is culture and in our distinct 2022 version it includes immigrant traditions, stalwart regional foods (and the faux pas associated with them), rebirths of quirky restaurant icons, new generations building on the foodways of their ancestors, superb restaurants in hotels, a hopeful look at what could be part of our future diets and, of course, lots of places to visit if you love food and travel.  We also have the results of our first-ever food survey in which we name the best food cities in America.  So, what are you waiting for?! What you’ll find in these 139 pages are stories that will inspire and inform your travel planning.

Stories include:

  • Food Survey Results
  • Best Food Cities in America
  • Cities Worth Visiting For Food Right Now
  • A History of the Wisconsin Fish-Fry
  • Q&A with Celeb Chef Chris Cosentino
  • A Love Letter to Breakfast Tacos
  • The Rebirth of Denver’s Quirky Casa Bonita
  • A Buffalo Faux Pas
  • Mississippi’s Unusual Dining Hub
  • Rock-Star Owned Hotels
  • A Tour of New Orleans, New York, Boston, DC, and Austin via locals
  • And more!