70000 Tons of Metal 2024

JANUARY 29, 2024 - FEBRUARY 02, 2024


70000 tons of black t-shirts make for the metal life on deck.

Dubbed “The Original, The World’s Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise,” 70000 Tons of Metal begs the question, are there other heavy metal cruises? (The answer is maybe, depending on how you classify these festivals, but the competition isn’t stiff.) For its twelfth year, this week-long party at sea sets sail in Miami and takes hundreds of metal heads to Puerto Plata, a city in the Dominican Republic best known for its beaches. A hoard of music lovers in black swimsuits will descend on the city for a single day, but it’s what takes place at sea that really matters.

Aboard the 70000 Tons of Metal cruise, one finds, well, tons of metal. Metal bands perform throughout the week — each with scheduled meet-and-greets — and freely roam the ship with 3000 heavy metal fans. Sixty bands will take over four different stages — varying in scale and vibe from concert hall to pool deck— and artists lead clinics on topics like “extreme singing” and “tambourine.” Scared of the ocean? No one will know that’s why you’re screaming.

In between totally metal activities are typical un-metal activities like karaoke nights, belly flop contests (belly flops are rated in direct relation to pain caused) and, of course, an unlimited supply of alcohol. 

If you like to travel solo, 70,000 Tons of Metal will pair you with another solo traveler. It’ll be just like going back to college with a duffel bag full of Hot Topic graphic tees and a few feet between your twin-sized beds. Whether you come with friends or make them on board, there will be plenty of people to yell with when you see Aborted, Sodomized, My Dying Bride, and dozens of other unfortunately named artists in international waters. 

The Specs

  • Three thousand metal heads board the cruise ship every year.
  • Tickets for the metal festival range from $1199-$5999 and include a variety of different room combinations and packages. Tickets can be purchased for solo or group travelers. Several ticket tiers are already sold out. Solo travelers agree to share a cabin with other travelers.
  • Time to kill on shore? Here’s Fifty Grande’s guide to Miami.


Where is the nearest airport?

Miami International Airport (MIA) is the closest airport to the festival, located about 9 miles from Port Miami where the ship departs from. 

None of my friends will board a heavy metal cruise, can I go alone?

Yes, however, there are no single cabins. All solo passengers will be paired with another passenger of the same sex. 

It’s my first time attending. What can I expect?

Over the four days there will be roughly 60 heavy metal bands (American and beyond) jamming for roughly 3,000 fans. Those are good numbers if you’re into metal. In the past there’s also been exclusive premieres and special sets. You’ll be on board the Freedom of the Seas shop and it will take your from Miami, Florida to Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic and back. There will be no VIP areas on the boat, so you have a shot at running into your fave heavy metal artists on deck. Watch full videos below to get the vibe.

What’s the deal with the pool deck stage?

The pool deck stage is of the four stages on the Freedom of the Seas and it’s touted as the “biggest open air stage on the open seas.” (We’re not sure how official that is.) What’s cool is the stage has bars, hot tubs and sunbathing.

I thought it went to Bimini?

Last year the cruise went to Bimini in the Bahamas and back.

How many days are spent in the Caribbean port?

The ship will dock in Puerto Plata for one full day. Two full days are spent at sea. 

Are Destruction, Dragonforce, Insomnium, Kamelot, Kreator, Napalm, Nightwish or Rotting Christ playing again this year?

They are not on the 2024 roster.

Who started 70000 Tons?

The cruise creator, organizer and promoter is Andy Piller.

Who’s playing 70000 Tons of Metal this year?

The 2024 lineup that has been announced so far includes Aborted, Angra, Blind Guardian, Blood Red Throne, Crypta, Dalriada, Depressive Age, Draconian, Epica, Equilibrium, Grave Digger, Infected Rain, Iotunn, Legion Of The Damned, Lord Of The Lost, My Dying Bride, Mystic Prophecy, Nanowar of Steel, Nervosa, Nile, Omnium Gatherum, Saor, Serenity, Sodomized, The Halo Effect, THYRFING, Unleashed, Victory, and Warkings. 

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BY Emily Frantz